Crystal Cadets #1 is out today! Here’s a preview! 

Crystal Cadets is written by Anne Toole, drawn by Katie O’Neill, colored by Paulina Ganucheau, and lettered by Erika Terriquez.

Buy the first issue here! 

So I’m the colorist on this lovely new magical girl book put out by Roar comics called Crystal Cadets! Katie O is the artist, she has the best style, and the writer is the lovely Anne Toole. It’s amazing and it’s only 1.99 for a digital copy. You guys should get iiiiit! Join in on the magical fun and stay tuned for more awesome girl team power! 

I opened up a personal print shop! I’ll be mailing out all the orders myself and I always include sweet notes so this is 100% me! I have a few different prints left over from my last convention that I wanted to make available to my online peeps!

The blue Magical Aresenal prints will only be sold through this shop and there are a VERY limited number left so snatch them up while you can! 


Thank you so much for the support everybody! As usual, message me if you have any questions! ~P 

I’ve had a bunch of people request this, so my Magical Arsenal print is now available as a shirt! You can purchase the shirt here here here here!

I’ve mocked up my favorite color options! You can fight so much evil in all those colors. There’s also a hoodie! (Which I’ll probably grab one for myself. Perfect fall hoodie!) 

Pick up your shirts here!

Prints are also still available here!

If anyone has any questions feel free to message me! Love, P